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  • December 2023

Whisking up a Culinary Revolution

Hungry Hub is a pioneer in the culinary industry that offers more than just a cloud kitchen; it is a thriving community where culinary aspirations are realized. Hungry Hub specializes in commercial kitchen rentals and commissary solutions while also fostering a collaborative environment for both budding foodpreneurs and seasoned business operators.

Scope of the Project

Our team was assigned the responsibility of crafting a unique brand identity and designing a distinct style that would resonate with a diverse group of culinary professionals and businesses. Additionally, we were entrusted with creating brand collaterals, such as merchandise and uniforms, to reinforce the brand’s image.

Carving Out Identity in Culinary Chaos

Our first step was to spice things up with a logo that sizzles. The Hunger Hub logo, a flavorful fusion of vibrant colors and culinary elements, became the secret sauce, symbolizing the diverse kitchen talents converging under one roof.

A Palette That Ignites the Senses

Dive into a palette that’s a feast for the eyes. Warm, passionate hues blend seamlessly with cool, efficient tones, creating an atmosphere where culinary imagination simmers and bubbles.

A Dash of Gilroy and a Pinch of Roboto

The Hungry Hub story needed the right blend of elegance and friendliness. Gilroy, our primary font, adds a touch of sophistication, while Roboto, the secondary font, ensures a smooth and readable journey through the narrative.